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17 October 2018
Barcelona, Spain
Health & Bio Team Dating

Welcome to Health & Bio Team Dating

On Wednesday, October 17 2018, Biocat, BStartup of Banc Sabadell and CataloniaBio & HealthTech are holding the fourth edition of Health & Bio Team Dating, a pioneering event in Catalonia to build successful teams for life sciences start-ups.

Through 30-minute speed dating meetings, Health & Bio Team Dating brings together scientists and entrepreneurs/business developers/mentors who can create new business synergies and set up teams to run successful projects/companies in medtech, therapeutics, diagnostics, drugs, medical devices, digital health and agrifood.

The previous editions hosted more than 500 meetings with over 180 projects and business professionals. 100% of participants say they would repeat the experience!

85% of participants have found strategic contacts and new business thanks to the initiative and some teams have succeeded in reaching some kind of agreement.

Read about Success Stories from previous editions here!

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Who is Health & Bio geared towards?

  • Are you a researcher with a good scientific project that can become a company but needs a business plan and fundraising expertise?
  • Are you an expert business developer or mentor seeking an innovative project to join?

If the answer is "yes" to either question, it is time to attend the fourth edition of  Health & Bio Team Dating! We are looking for researchers with projects related to the main topics (see below) and people with business development and/or mentoring experience and the drive to take new technologies/services from the lab to the market. Join us!


Main topics

  • Therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Other areas of the life sciences
  • Agrifood

General Calendar 2018*

  1. Registration opens from Wednesday, July 25 to Sunday, October 7
  2. Deadline for booking meetings is on Friday, October 10 
  3. Health & Bio Team Dating event is on Tuesday, October 17 (Check the agenda)

* Dates are approximate and subject to change

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Barcelona, Spain
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